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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
The state is known for its Trophy Big Game hunts especially Mule Deer, Elk, three species of Big Horn Sheep, Antelope, Mountain Lion and Goat.

  • Hunting

Although it is tough to get drawn for these animals it is advantageous, in some cases, to apply through an outfitter to increase your chances. Landowner permits are available for Deer, Elk and Antelope with many sold through the outfitters in the state.

Mountain Lion licenses are available over the counter for both resident and non resident. aim adventures works with first class outfitters with professionally trained dogs and offer a high success rate ff the weather is right.

Coyote and Jack Rabbits can be hunted without a license. And other types of Varmint hunting are available.

  • Wingshooting & Waterfowl

Upland bird hunts area available for Chukar Partridge, California and Gambel's Quail, Ruffed and Blue Grouse and the Himalayan Snow Cock making the state an attractive place to hunt. The terrain can vary from low land desert to mountainous locations.

Nevada sits in the Pacific Flyway and is host to various species of Duck and Geese along with Swans, Mergansers and Snipe. It is important to scout the various areas for water conditions to make the hunts successful. It is necessary to know the regulations as they vary in different areas in the state. Call our office if you are interested in pursuing a waterfowl hunting Nevada.

  • Fishing

Although Nevada is known as a "dry" state it does contain a good number of lakes and reservoirs including a good portion of Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead along with High Alpine lakes in the Ruby Mountains to desert lakes such as Walker Lake near Hawthorne. There are also lakes and ponds in the urban areas and in some case rivers such as the Truckee that runs through Reno making it an ideal location close to town.

For more information on Nevada hunting and fishing opportunities call at (925) 628-8997.
















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