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South Dakota
Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
South Dakota is known for its fantastic Pheasant hunting.

According to Fish and Game the harvest has only been less then 1 million in two years. Although all Big Game hunting is restricted to Residents Only, except for Buffalo. There are plenty of other opportunities for small game and other bird hunts. Sharptail Grouse, Prairie Chickens, and Bob White Quail and waterfowl are high on the list. The state also has tremendous waterfowl hunting with the vast number of prairie potholes in the north east part of the state. The state also has year round fishing opportunities for various species.


  • Hunting

All Big Game hunting except for Buffalo is for resident only except for hunts on tribal lands. The state does allow Buffalo hunts for non resident and well as resident hunters. Hunts can be conducted in areas like Custer National park by state guides or Indian reservations as well a private ranch hunts. Indian reservation for Antelope, Elk, Deer do not have to follow the SD regulations and therefore non residents can hunt these lands. If interested call us so we can discuss your options.

If you are a Varmint hunter you should consider South Dakota due to the open prairies with vast populations of prairie dogs and coyotes. Give us a call and let us set you up!


  • Wingshooting

South Dakota is Number 1 state for Pheasant Hunting. Wild Pheasant seasons run from mid October to the first of January. There are also many lodges that provide preserve (planted) birds in combination with wild bird hunting. Preserve hunting runs from September 1 into March. A typical guided 3 day Pheasant hunt will cost about $1500 with food, lodging and guides included. Adding "planted" birds will add to the cost. The addition of Grouse, Prairie Chickens and Quail can be added in certain areas.

Non residents must apply for a permit to hunt waterfowl in the state through the lottery system. Applications are due in July. Geese, Ducks, Sandhill Cranes and Tundra Swans
migrate through the state. There is also a spring Light Goose season and that does not require a special permit and licenses can be purchased online. The birds usually migrate through for early February to march. We can set you up with the outfits that conduct these hunts.


  • Fishing

This state has year round fishing opportunities for a variety of fish. Probably the most popular is Walleye fishing. Black Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Salmon, Panfish and Trout can also be had depending on the locations in the state. There are a number of lakes, reservoirs along with streams and rivers for year round fishing. Combine some fishing with a hunt for a great package. Call us at (925) 628-8997 for more information.

















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