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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
From the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean Canada offers a multitude of hunting & fishing adventures.

Of any country that offers hunting, Canada is unmatched.

Canadian game includes Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears and Black Bears, Mountain Caribou and Barren Ground Caribou, Three species of Moose including Alaska/Yukon, Canada Moose and Shiras Moose, Sheep hunts including Dall and Fanin (Stone) Sheep, Elk, Trophy Whitetail, Mule Deer, Blacktail and Sitka Deer, along with Bison and Wolf hunts.

These make Canada the ideal place for hunting North American species.

We are pleased to represent the finest outfitters from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean and from the Arctic south to the US border. An added option is to combine a hunting trip with fantastic fishing and Waterfowl hunting.

For fishing Canadian waters, British Columbia has excellent Salmon and Halibut on the Pacific, rivers and streams. The majestic Canadian Rockies offer many options with High Mountain lakes and streams. Also rivers, like the Frazier river, offer Sturgeon fishing, along with Salmon and Steelhead. We offer many types of accommodations including full service lodges, live aboard boats, remote fly in trips and pack trips into the wilderness.


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