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United States
Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
America offers world-class hunting and fishing opportunities.

From California to Maine, Texas to Alaska, the United States is home to the some of your greatest big game, waterfowl and angling possibilities available today.

Whether you are considering a road trip in your home state or you are flying in to stay with one of our favorite outfitters, we'll set you up with the best outdoors adventures "The States" have to offer.



From the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Canada Border to the Mexico Border the variety of Big Game hunts are unlimited. Rifle, Muzzle loader, Archery and Pistol hunts can be had in all the states. You can choose horse pack in hunts, stand hunts, "Fenced hunts" and lodge based hunts. Let us help you find the hunt of a lifetime.

The eastern part of the US down to Florida offers Black Bear hunts, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Pig and Alligator hunts.

The Midwest offers Whitetail and Bear hunting while the Dakotas offer both Mule Deer and Whitetail hunting along with Bison and Elk. Also Elk have been introduced in many other states that have been void of these animals for many years.

The Western part of the US, from Wyoming to California has produced more "trophy" animals than any other part of the country. Colorado has the largest population of Rocky Mountain Elk. Antelope can be found in all the states. Montana offers a wide variety of hunting opportunities including Mule and Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bear, Sheep and Elk. Arizona, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada consistently produce trophy Elk and Deer. California is the only state that offers the 3 species of Elk, Tule Elk, Rocky Mountain Elk and Roosevelt Elk. Oregon and Washington are becoming a desirable place to hunt and offer a variety of animals to choose from.

Then there is Texas! This large state has most every type of Big Game hunt. Some are conducted on large private ranches as well as open lands. The vastness of this state offers many different locations, terrain and methods to choose from. Combine the Big Game hunts with Bird Hunting and Fishing makes it an ideal place to consider.

Although many states and types of hunts are controlled by a lottery, we work closely with outfitters and landowners to provide guaranteed opportunities to purchase licenses and tags. Start planning your hunts early to assure you a chance for that special license and tag.



Few other countries have fisheries as diverse as those in the United States. From Oceans fishing on the Atlantic and Pacific, to Bass fishing in most lakes and rivers, to High Mountain streams and rivers, and the multitude of reservoirs and rivers there is no need to go very far to find first rate adventures.

Aim Adventures offers many options for a place to fish. Chances are we have a guide, lodge, or party boat close to where you live. So whether you are looking for a trophy Bass, the oceans' many species, migrating Salmon and Steelhead, huge Sturgeon or a place to take your family on vacation, call us @ (925) 628-8997 to find out what we have to offer.



The United States offers a variety of opportunities for the Wingshooting enthusiast. There is nothing like hunting over a trained hunting dogs and watching work a field and then pointing and / or flushing a Pheasant, Quail, Chukar or other type of bird. Many states like Texas and Arizona offer Dove hunting equal to Mexico.

One of our specialties is providing various options to choose from. We offer both Wild and Preserve hunting for Pheasant and Quail. The Dakotas are well known for their fantastic Pheasant hunts but many other states including Kansas and Nebraska offer first class hunts.

Quail hunts including California quail, Mountain Quail and Bob White hunts are readily available. From plantation type hunts in Georgia to hunts in the west, these are part of our hunts we can offer.

If you haven't experienced Chukar in the western part of the states it is something to be considered but plan on being in good shape. This also goes for hunting Sharptail Grouse and Prairie Chicken.

The mention of "preserve" hunting makes the purist cringe but we have a number of first class lodges that offer first class hunts with multiple species. Consider one of our lodges located in Idaho whose hunts include Pheasant, Quail, Chukar and Grouse hunting on their private ranch that includes a varied terrain making the hunt a challenging experience. Combine this with a beautiful lodge, delicious food, and friendly atmosphere makes this an ideal location for individuals, groups or companies.

Whatever hunt you are looking for, we can assist you in planning the trip along with booking the hunt and all travel arrangements. Give us a call at (925) 628-8997 and tell us what you are looking for.
















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