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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
Aim Adventures is proud to represent many top outfits that offer first class duck and Goose hunts throughout the world.

Although the main concentration is in the US, Mexico and South America we also offer packages in Africa and New Zealand.

Starting around the first of September, you can find hunts in the Us and Canada. Early season Teal hunts in the south will provide a challenging start to the Waterfowl season.
If you are looking for combination Goose and Duck hunts, Canada will be the place to go; we offer both guided and unguided packages to choose from.

The most popular Canada provinces are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, although the other provinces offer choice hunting. The liberal limit of both Ducks and Geese is one way to start a successful Waterfowl season. Whether it's Mallards, Pintail, Diver Ducks or Sea ducks along with Honkers, Specks and White Geese Canada is hard to beat!

When it comes to the US you can find hunting opportunities in every state. The West and East coasts, along with Alaska, offer hunting for Sea Ducks and Black Brant as well as many of the other species. As the northern migration takes hold, all areas provide hunting during seasons beginning in October and running through January. The central portion of the 48 states will offer hunts conducted from the prairies, flooded timber, grain fields, lakes and rivers.

Mexico also offers very good waterfowl hunting from coast to coast. In addition to many of the same species found in the north they include the frivolous duck and the west cost is the wintering area for the Pacific Black Brant.

South America Duck & Goose Hunts are conducted in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The species of ducks and geese found in South America differ from those in the north. Rosy Pochard, Yellow Billed Pintail, Chilean Widgeon are just a few species of duck to be found. Ashey Head and Magellan Geese are favored for the goose hunters. Liberal limits, Upland Bird hunting, varied terrains, the food and hospitality make this a desirable location.

If you are looking for the ultimate waterfowl experience we are sure to have the locations and hunts you want.

Check out some of our destinations and packages; if you don't see what you are looking for, make sure to call us as not all information is posted.

















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