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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
Anyone who thinks Kansas doesn't provide good fishing or hunting opportunities is wrong!

The state offers a vast array of big game, wingshooting and fishing adventures. Trophy Whitetail, Pheasant or Wild Turkey, migratory birds such as Doves, Ducks or Geese, or a variety of fish species… Kansas has it all.

  • Hunting

Kansas has long been noted for its Trophy Whitetail hunting. The eastern part of the state has shown an increase in the Whitetail population and trophy sized deer can be found in all regions. The western part of the state also has Mule Deer and although the populations aren't as great as Whitetail, they still offer quality hunting opportunities.

There's an opportunity for Elk and Antelope. There is also a large population of fur-bearing animals such as coyotes throughout the state; the harvest of 13 available species helps control populations and related damage.

  • Wingshooting & Waterfowl

Agricultural lands and other locations provide great opportunities for Ringed-neck Pheasant, Bob White Quail, and Prairie Chicken; their abundance makes Kansas a desirable destination for wingshooting.

There are a variety of ducks and geese that migrate through the state, and the nesting ones primarily include Blue Winged Teal, Wood Ducks and Mallard. Northern Pintail, Gadwall and Green Winged Teal are also common during migration.

The reservoirs, lakes and rivers of Kansas makes this an ideal stop over in the central flyway. Canada, White and White-fronted Geese are common. Sandhill Cranes prove to be very popular targets. The season starts as early as September (Teal) and go through January for others.

The state has a population of Rio Grand turkeys, a hybrid Rio/Eastern Turkey and a true Eastern Turkey for those interested in hunting this wily bird.

  • Fishing

Over the years, Kansas fishing opportunities have improved due to large numbers of reservoirs, lakes and over 10,000 miles of rivers and streams. Kansas has long been noted for large catfish including Channel, Flathead and Blue Catfish that are still as common as ever; but there are also all sorts of Bass, Crappie, and Walleye.

What ever your hunting or fishing interest is, let Aim Adventures be your source for Kansas adventures. Call us at (925) 628-8997.

















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