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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
Argentina is among South America's most popular destinations with a variety of sportsman's activities.







Argentina is well noted for its High Volume Dove hunting and the year round season makes it an ideal place. Cordoba Province is well noted for its Dove hunting but San Luis Province, Santiago Del Estero, Santa Fe, Buenos Aries and provinces in the southern part also provide excellent opportunities. Pigeon hunts are conducted during the fall season and our outfitters assure you of a great hunt.



Trophy fish are everywhere.

Our South American trips include Bill Fishing in Argentina, and even in the Galapagos Islands. Catch Peacock Bass in Brazil, or Fresh Water (Golden) Dorado in Uruguay and Argentina. If you are a fly fisherman then the rivers of the Patagonia in Argentina provide the ultimate experience.

Accommodations can range from beautiful floating lodges on the Amazon or live aboard boats. These places include all types of food both native and American.

Give us a call at (925) 628-8997 and let us tell you about the many places we have to offer.



Argentina is noted for its Trophy Red Stag and one of the few places you can still hunt Pere David's deer. In addition to these animals there are numerous others offered such as Black Buck, Axis and Fallow Deer, Mouflon Sheep, Water Buffalo, European Wild Boar, Wild Goat, Patagonia Ram, Puma and the large rodent know as the Capybara. Others could include the White Lipped Peccary and European Hare.
















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