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Uruguay is the place to experience high volume Dove hunting with decoying Pigeon and Perdiz hunting.

It offers duck hunting, and Golden Dorado fishing too.

With 4 lodges to service out clients we can assure the sportsmen and women the class of service unsurpassed anywhere. Let Uruguay be your next destination!





Uruguay is definitely a country to consider. Our outfitter has 4 different lodges and includes High Volume Dove and Pigeon hunts, exclusive Perdiz hunts, Duck hunts and Dorado fishing.
The western part of Uruguay is host to large volumes of "Eared" Dove as found in the bordering country of Argentina. The countries are separated by the Uruguay River and the western part is the agricultural area of the country. With an ample supply of water it makes for the ultimate in productive Dove hunting.

The opportunity to hunt the Spot-Wing and Picazuro Wild Pigeon is fast becoming a must when traveling to South America for a Wingshooting adventure. The hunts are conducted over decoys and although one may think they are an easy prey their flight patterns are surprisingly challenging. Found in the same agricultural areas as the doves the hunt can be a combination of Dove and Pigeon.

The Perdiz hunting of Uruguay is said to be the best in south America due to the large population of birds. They are hunted over pointing dogs and the hunts are similar to upland bird hunts in North America. They also are considered delicious table fare.

Uruguay is host to 11 different species of ducks making it the ideal place to come for duck hunting in South America. The only common bird found in North America is the Cinnamon Teal. The others offer the collector a great opportunity to add to their collection. Both the Eastern and Western areas of the country are hosts to many ducks and the season runs from early May to September.

The early part of the migration mainly consists of 5 species of teal and the larger birds, including the highly sought after Rosy Pochard, tend to arrive during the mid and later portions of the migration. The only local non migrating birds found are the White Faced Whistling Ducks that stay close to their local nesting areas.

We have a variety of packages to offer so if Uruguay is on your list of countries to visit let us provide you with that special trip.



The Golden Dorado is also known and the "River Tiger" and is the most ferocious of fresh water fish in South America. This fish is known for its explosive strikes, screaming runs and aggressiveness. Known to hit any size top water lure you will be in for the fight of your life when hooking into one of these fighting fish.

The colors of Yellow and Green adds to the thrill of catching one these monsters. They are only found in 5 South American countries and Uruguay supports one of the largest populations in its river and tributaries making this a destination of serious fishermen year round.

With our lodge located close to the Uruguay River and with a private boat and berth, you are only minutes away from the exciting adventure. Combine this with a bird hunting package and you will have an unforgettable trip. Call us pricing and dates.
















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