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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
Being properly prepared for the weather and other conditions at your destination can ensure a comfortable adventure vacation.

While well-seasoned travelers are likely aware of what equipment is needed, we just want to remind you that many of our adventure locations are remote, wild and impossible to just go to the local mall to get a forgotten pair of rugged boots or sunglasses; yet missing either can ruin your entire trip.

For wintery locations, bring plenty of breathable layers, and sunblock.

For hot and arid desert or equatorial conditions, bring light reflective clothing and hydration gear.

While some gear is important, other items might be critical; it may be very expensive to send out for something you either want or must have.

Preparation can make all of the difference!


Many of our guides furnish hunters and fishermen with the proper gear for their target species.

Traveling with your own weapons can be complex depending on your travel route or destination; please just ask for any details you might be concerned about.

Travel Insurance

Note that our travel protection plans might safeguard you against lost or stolen gear.


















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